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Devin AI – a virtual engineer. Should developers be worried?

Red Rocket team
Red Rocket teamJun 5, 20246 min read
Devin AI – a virtual engineer. Should developers be worried?
The American investment bank Goldman Sachs, which is engaged in depositing money into start-ups and other attractive and profitable ideas, has predicted that about 300 million programmers will lose their jobs amid the rapid development of AI. This is related to the emergence of a new player in the artificial intelligence market - Devin. This artificial intelligence assistant was introduced a few months ago by the American company Cognition.
This artificial intelligence is a virtual human-independent engineer with its own set of tools. Unlike previous neural networks, Devin AI does not offer solutions, but independently develops them in a safe environment. It is able to plan, design, and even create software. We, the experts from Red Rocket, decided to look into the question of what is Devin and how it can affect the sphere of web development.

How Accurate is Devin AI?

hen well-known companies started releasing their Chat GPT analogs, developers immediately started testing whether these products could help in professional activities. However, most of them showed a very low percentage of correct solutions. For example, the paid version of Chat GPT 4 showed the lowest percentage of accuracy - about 1.7%.
How Accurate is Devin AI?
What about the accuracy of Devin AI for developers? A recent study demonstrates that Cognition Devin is the most accurate AI analytics platform for web development. It can solve about 13% of the tasks assigned to it completely. At the same time, coding assistant Devin first provides the user with a plan of action and then proceeds to complete the task at hand.

Unique Features of AI Software Engineer Devin

In order to better understand how effective Devin AI website is in engineering and why it is called a revolutionary product, it is worth comparing this assistant with other artificial intelligence services. Unique Features of AI Software Engineer Devin
The launch of Devin is a big shift in the nascent AI-powered coding industry, with its promise of giving engineers their own automated worker that can carry out complete projects, as opposed to a copilot that would merely assist human coders with snippets or suggestions, - described Ashlee Vance revolutionary new product for Bloomberg.

Is Devin a Threat?

For many engineers, it is becoming obvious that the field of artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace. A few years ago, people could not even think that a program would be able to write poems for them, paint pictures and help them in their work activities. Therefore, many developers are afraid that in the near future, machine learning algorithms will be able to take away their jobs.
Undoubtedly, Devin AI has a huge potential that will be gradually unlocked in the future. However, without training it by a human, without maintaining the neural network by a programmer, without checking the code and monitoring the work, the neural network will not be able to function independently. Therefore, today we can not worry about millions of programmers being unemployed.

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