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How to secure a website: issues and solutions

RedRocket team
RedRocket teamMay 7, 20246 min read
Common Web Security Issues
Living in the age of digitalization, we are faced with the need to protect our data and information in the virtual space. Websites are becoming key points of interaction between businesses and customers, so their security is becoming a number one priority. Failed protection can lead to data breaches, reputational damage, and even significant financial losses. Today, we will talk about the key threats to website security and practical methods to neutralize them.

Common Web Security Issues

It's better to know right away what problems your site could potentially face in the future. Then, you can figure out how to prevent these problems in advance. What are the most common web security threats? There are several types of popular website security problems.
  • DDoS attacks

Currently, the most common type of network hacker activity is a targeted DDoS attack. Such actions lead 
to the disabling of a company's Internet resource and can lead to the theft of personal or corporate data.
  • Data stealing

This happens often if you have a lot of sensitive or commercial information on your website. This is a serious problem that can cause a lot of damage to you and your customers.
  • Internal threats

It may be surprising to many people that problems can arise from any side. Yeah, even your staff members 
can bring significant damage to your website or application. For example, wrong operation or carelessness 
of employees can lead to data breaches.
Website security problems are always a damage and a heavy hit to your reputation. For example, if your customers' data is compromised, it is unlikely that users will want to use your services again.
Common Web Security Issues

Solutions and Best Practices

We are well aware of how hackers can harm your website. Every website owner should know that there is a whole set of rules and practices that will help protect website from hackers. We have prepared five website security solutions for you.
  • Use a good username and password

If your site is built on the basis of any CMS, then first of all you should close all paths to the administrative panel. 
If an intruder gets into your admin, then you can say goodbye to the resource.
For example, when you install WordPress, the system automatically offers the login «admin». Using this login, 
you already provide half of the necessary information for hackers, and they only need to pick up the password.
  • Use an SSL connection

The SSL protocol guarantees a secure connection between the user's browser and the server. When using the SSL protocol, information is transmitted in encrypted form via HTTPS, and it can be decrypted only with a special key, unlike the usual HTTP protocol. In simple words - use a secure HTTPS connection, and then your site will be extremely difficult to hack.
  • Use two-factor account authentication

Multi-factor authentication is often used to enhance IT security. It works in the following way: after entering your password on the site, you are sent a request for a one-time password, which you receive to a contact phone number or email. Even if the main password has been compromised by an attacker, he will not be able to log into the account without access to your phone number or email. The connection of two-factor authentication 
for logging into the CMS administration panel can be organized using special plugins.
  • Use DDoS attack tools

One of the effective ways to protect website from hackers is to use hosting protection against DDoS attacks. Additional resources in the form of special software are also used to increase the system's resistance threshold. Such tools optimize the network inside the company, adding another protective barrier. It is not bad to have a staff of experienced programmers who will be able to respond quickly in case of a threat.
  • Ensure security during platform development

The best protection for a website is the proper implementation of security measures during web development. Vulnerabilities to your site can occur if web developers make coding or configuration errors. How to avoid this? 
It is worth contacting only experienced and trusted developers. We offer a personalized approach for each project and implementation of all security measures for the site.

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How to make a website unbreakable is a question that worries all web developers. In today's article, we've covered the main methods to improve resource protection. First of all, you should take care of the SSL certificate, set 
a strong password to log in to your account, and, if possible, use a remedy for DDoS attacks.
However, the best way to maximize the IT security of your resource and protect website from hackers 
is to contact specialists. Red Rocket is a vivid example of how website security solutions help to establish smooth operation of the platform. We have extensive experience working with practices against web security vulnerabilities and are ready to provide the best IT solutions for your business.

Frequently asked questions

What fields are most often attacked?

The eCommerce resources have always been and will always be of interest to cybercriminals. Because it also bears the imprint on the greatest value to the owner.

Who could be a potential danger to my web application?

The main web application security threats are provided by hackers and scammers. Moreover, they can make attacks for different purposes: to get hold of confidential information, to get monetary gain, or simply to damage you

Is it possible to prevent attacks?

Today's technology allows you to make your site virtually invulnerable. However, you should adhere to all website security rules.

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