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Branding for beauty: 7 mistakes that will ruin your logo

Red Rocket team
Red Rocket teamJul 5, 20246 min read
It's no secret that a logo is the face of a company and the thing that customers see first. In today’s beauty business, it is vital for the players in the industry to have an appealing logo that will enable them to create awareness and gain recognition. However, the process of creating a beauty logo that helps develop brand recognition is easier said than done.
Who among us has not witnessed logos that are lackluster, difficult to decipher, or just plain dreadful? We have collected 7 popular mistakes that are made by companies from the beauty sector in creating a logo in this article. Keeping these potential cosmetic logo errors in mind will assist you in designing branding for your business that your customers will enjoy.
Branding for beauty: 7 mistakes that will ruin your logo

Mistake 1. Not Matching It With Brand Positioning

Business owners know the best about how their company is positioning itself. Of course, you should always focus on your target audience. If your salon's clients are mostly wealthy people aged 35 and older, avoid neon colors and youthful fonts. This approach does not match the status of your company. We can highlight another case when the company is focused on young consumers. Here you will be able to be creative using bold fonts and bright colors.
For example, what do you see on the logo of Chanel when you buy new cosmetics? Only a sizeable name and brand symbol, which does not overload the wealthy buyer with unnecessary details. Now remember about the youth brand of cosmetics called NYX. The design on the products of this company is distinguished by bright colors, unusual fonts and the presence of small details.

Mistake 2. Poor Readability

Sometimes, companies select very elaborate or detailed scripts that are far from legible in the size of the packaging or on screens. Remember, logos are seen small on the social media page, mobile, and in product images. One should always keep it simple and clear, and whatever is written should be easy to read and comprehend. It is easier to get block lettering to work than thin, delicate serifs since it is less likely to become lost in the screen. It is also important not to use certain typefaces that are not easily readable in small sizes or those that might run into each other.
Poor Readability

Mistake 3. Making It Too Complex

If your logo is complex or overloaded with detail, it's likely that anything small will be lost when scaled. Your logo will risk losing essential elements. A good corporate logo is a memorable logo. This is achieved primarily by its simplicity. There is a rule that should never be forgotten: a good logo can be drawn with a few lines in a few seconds.
Mistake 3. Making It Too Complex

Mistake 4. Portraying Exactly What a Business Does

You can be almost tempted to illustrate what a beauty business does in a figurative sense, such as a lipstick or hair brush icon. However, direct visuals limit you to the current products and services, options as opposed to what is in the future. For instance, a makeup brush logo makes it difficult to shift from one product category to another, such as skincare or hair.
With concepts that are largely abstract and designed around the core of the brand personality, there is much more freedom for development. Just remember about the famous brand of cosmetic products Drunk Elephant. Looking at its name and logo it becomes difficult to understand that the company specializes in the production of cosmetic products. However, it is this approach that makes this brand unique, and customers remember it faster.
Mistake 4. Portraying Exactly What a Business Does

Mistake 5. Copying Famous Brands

Certainly, when creating your own business, it is necessary to be guided by competitors and even famous names in this field of activity. However, deciding to copy the idea or partially copy the logo is a serious mistake. At best, your logo design will simply become similar to a well-known brand, and potential customers will wonder if they have come to the right address. At the very worst, the company from whom you copied the logo or design elements will have every right to take you to court to force you to pay compensation.
While using elements from some brands may be inspiring, it is inadvisable to copy aspects of their logos directly. Customers may find the replicas dishonest or cheap if they have high expectations from beauty brands. Construct unique visual assets while embracing a new lens rather than merely riding on the coattails of other established labels.
Mistake 5. Copying Famous Brands

Mistake 6. Choosing the Wrong Color

It’s critical to remember that color psychology is especially important in beauty. Some brands choose colors for simple reasons such as the owner’s liking rather than considering how popular and appropriate the colors are in the sector. For instance, the use of fluorescent tones cannot capture the elegance and luxury as the beauty customers desire.
Furthermore, logos should not be too similar in color because the details may negatively blend in, getting lost in the process. Avoid situations where bad or poor chromatic choices are made to counter effective branding ideas.
Mistake 6. Choosing the Wrong Color

Mistake 7. Making It Yourself

Some owners of companies in the beauty sector often want to save money by creating a beauty logo. However, this is not the optimal solution, and now we are going to tell you why it is better not to do this. When creating a logo by yourself, you probably use Canva or another free photo editor. First of all, there is limited functionality and templates used by millions of people around the world.
Do you want to create a unique logo design that will be truly memorable with your beauty salon clients? The best option for you is to hand over the task of creating a professional beauty logo design to the experts. We at Red Rocket know how to make a good logo for your business to match brand identity.


A lot of business owners actually underestimate the importance of logo design for beauty salons. As you may have already realized, common beauty product logo mistakes include choosing the wrong color palette, font and targeting the wrong audience. Cosmetic brand logo should be such that it attracts the attention of visitors. Another one of its tasks is to make the picture in front of the customer's eyes remain in his memory. That is why you should learn more about logo design best practices or contact the experts who will provide you with the best solution.

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