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UI/UX Design Trends in 2024

Red Rocket team
Red Rocket teamMay 23, 20246 min read


The world of design does not stand still: old trends quickly lose their relevance, giving way to new ones. To create spectacular (and most importantly - effective) websites or apps, every designer needs to closely follow this process.
Do you want to learn more about popular UI/UX trends that are relevant today? In this article, we'll discuss the major web design trends. Understanding them will help you convert visitors into customers faster and hold your position in a competitive market. We’ve prepared eight tips for designers in 2024.
UI/UX Design Trends in 2024

1. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice User Interface (VUI)
This function is increasingly becoming part of everyday life. Convenient feature that simplifies the search for necessary information. It also reduces the time of work. In 2024-2025, such a trend will actively develop and improve as voice assistants give ease of communication, applying only key queries. Such a feature will also be especially convenient for people with hand injuries, who find it difficult to enter long queries manually.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)
The definite trend of 2024, allowing to stand out among competitors and attract more attention, as technology helps to go beyond the screen interface. A great start for this trend was the official release of Apple Vision Pro, which have already made a real boom effect worldwide. AR allows people to see and reproduce digital objects in the real world. This is what has the potential to improve UI/UX design.

3. Neumorphism

The world of UI/UX design is constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends that is gaining momentum is neomorphism. Neomorphism, also known as soft UI, is a design style that has recently emerged and is gaining popularity among designers. Neomorphism uses shadows to create a 3D effect on UI elements.

4. Parallax Effect

Parallax Effect
One way to make a website dynamic, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing is to use parallax effects. We want to take this item to the top web design trends in 2024. A parallax effect is a technique in web design that creates the illusion of depth and movement by changing the scrolling speed of different layers or elements on a web page. What are the benefits?
  • It allows you to create a feeling of three-dimensionality.
  • It is possible to surprise the client and make him/her linger on the platform.
  • It enables you to highlight certain elements or information on the page, making them more noticeable.
  • This is a powerful tool in a web designer's arsenal, capable of transforming mundane web pages into interactive ones, and is at the height of its popularity.

    5. Brutalism

    Brutalism is one of the brightest trends in web design today. Functionality, roughness, massive forms, strength - all these are the features of brutalism. In website design, the trend for brutalism appeared a few years ago and gained its peak in 2024. Here are the main characteristics of brutalism in web design:
    • Raw and Exposed. Brutalist websites often have a sense of being unfinished or unpolished. They might expose the underlying code or website structure.
    • Bold Typography. Large, chunky fonts are a common feature of brutalist design.
    • High Contrast Color. Brutalist websites often use harsh color contrasts, like black and white or bright neon colors.
    Brutalism looks organically in spheres of activity characterized by precision, simplicity and asceticism.

    6. Dark Mode

    Dark Mode
    The trend for dark mode appeared a few years ago, but it is still not used by all site owners. A great example is known to all owners of smartphones from Apple, when the iOS 13 update introduced a dark mode. Such lighting creates less strain on the eyes. Even experts advise to activate the dark background at night, before going to bed. This simplifies falling asleep and does not affect the quality of sleep.
    Many large companies are already using UI / UX-design dark design in their own developments. The popularity of such functionality will increase in 2024 and beyond.

    6. Data Visualization

    Data Visualization
    Providing clients with a lot of information, figures and statistics in the form of long text is a common mistake that many beginners make. What will help to present a lot of information in the right way?
    • Infographics
    • Charts
    • Tables
    • Graphs
    • Other visual tools
    For example, a financial sector app for smartphones should be presented with maximum simplicity and user-friendliness. People do not need to understand banking or other intricacies to check their own accounts, income or other financial data related to their account. The most important thing for customers is to see important data and statistics as soon as possible.

    8. Generative AI

    Generative AI
    Artificial intelligence has already become a familiar part of our daily lives, and 5-10 years ago, we could only dream about such technologies. The use of generative artificial intelligence gives you the ability to automatically create pages with different designs. Just imagine that the design will change depending on what parameters the client chooses. This approach will not only make your platform customer-centric but will also save you a lot of time and money.

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    The best mobile app design trends of 2024 will mostly carry over into 2025, but there will be more quality content added using innovative technology. There will be a lot of interactive details at the core, but it's important to keep it harmonious and easy to add to the overall style.
    If you are looking to implement popular UI/UX trends in web design, you have come to the right place. We, at Red Rocket know all about modern website, app and other platform design. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your dreams a reality on your platform. This will help you to increase the loyalty of your customers. According to statistics, users who visually liked

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