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How to Build a Successful 
E-Commerce Platform?

RedRocket team
RedRocket teamMay 7, 20246 min read
Think about Sales: Products, Payments, 
and Marketing
How to Build a Successful 
E-Commerce Platform?
Building a successful business in any niche requires constant development, testing hypotheses, and implementing changes that can potentially affect its growth. E-commerce is one of the most dynamic segments of the economy, showing growth even in a crisis.
Would you like to know how to build an online shop and how to sell online? We at Red Rocket have been providing e-commerce development services, including custom development of an e-commerce platform. Here are key steps that will help you perform e-commerce website development and develop in your niche.

Find Your Niche: What Will You Sell?

The first and perhaps most important step is to define your niche. You need to have a clear understanding of what you will be selling. This decision should be based on a thorough market analysis and an understanding of your target audience’s needs.
  • Identify a Market Gap or Problem

Where should you start on the pathway to build your own online store? Start by analyzing the market as a whole. What problems and demands your potential customer might have that are not covered yet? Your product should solve and bring value. By looking at the market as a customer you can see a lot of gaps and problems. This is exactly what can stimulate you to come up with new ideas that will bring you thousands of sales.
  • Confirm Customer Demand

Before entering the market, you need to make sure there is a real demand for your products. It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that people need it. But is it so? You can check using adata-driven approach. Here are some ways:
  • Social media surveys.
  • Analysis of search queries.
  • Field research.
Nowadays, it is not difficult to determine the demand for products or services thanks to modern tools on the internet.
  • Analyze Your Competitors

It's no secret that an important step towards developing an E-Commerce website is to analyze your competitors. Looking at strong competitors is the best way to see a rough picture of how you should be doing. Study what products and services they offer, their pricing policies, and their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you 
to find a unique offering for your customers.

Build Your Foundation

If you have already decided on a niche, unique selling proposition and analyzed your competitors, it's time to lay the foundation of your platform. We have prepared specific steps for you to follow.
  • Choose the Right E-Commerce Platform

If this will be your first business and it is not a large-scale, you don't have to develop a separate platform. In this case, you can build an online shop on an existing one. Let's take a look at a few popular platforms and key factors.
  • Shopify. One of the most popular choices among entrepreneurs due to its intuitive interface and extensive feature set.
  • WooCommerce. A great choice for those who are already familiar with WordPress. This is a plugin that turns your WordPress site into a full-fledged online store.
  • Magento. A powerful platform aimed at large E-Commerce projects that require a high degree of customization and scalability.
  • Set Up Your Store

E-Commerce website development is not only about technical implementation, but also about creating a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. Your website should reflect the uniqueness of your brand and 
be convenient for a user. We at Red Rocket offer design and development for retail, ensuring that you create 
an online store that will stand out in the marketplace.
Set Up Your Store

Think about Sales: Products, Payments, 
and Marketing

Developing a website is not enough to run a successful business in your niche. We will tell you how to take care 
of products, payments and marketing for your new online store.
  • Products

Choose future suppliers carefully and responsibly. To do this, you can analyze between potential suppliers. Compare the cost of goods, terms of delivery and availability of bonuses.
  • Payments

What do you think is important for your future client? Obviously, it's the quality of goods and services, but many people forget about the convenience of payments. Integrating secure and convenient payment methods is critical for an E-Commerce website. You can get professionals to develop custom solutions for payment methods to meet your customer's needs and ensure a high level of transaction security.
  • Marketing

To keep your website constantly evolving, you need to develop a marketing strategy. Here's what you can include:
  • SEO.
  • Email marketing.
  • Social media advertising.
These are just a few ways of marketing for an E-Commerce website. You can use other methods but you need 
to choose them mindfully according to your business goals.

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Growth and Maintenance

  • Analyze Results and Track Performance

  • Why do you need to track your online store results and performance? Using analytics tools will allow you 
to understand user behavior on your website and optimize processes to increase conversions.
  • Keep Your Clients

  • Don't know how you can keep customers returning for more? Provide excellent terms of cooperation and take care of constant technical support. Another good method is to implement a loyalty program. This way, customers will feel satisfied saving money, and you will get more customers.

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