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Standard vs custom development – what’s the difference

Red Rocket team
Red Rocket teamJun 19, 20243 min read
Many companies face a difficult choice when selecting an IT solution: choose a ready-made solution or decide to develop software «for themselves». In the first case, automation is fast, and you will not incur unnecessary costs, while in the second case, you will create software that 100% meets the requirements of your company. We at Red Rocket, decided to look deeper into what is the best application software to choose for your own business.
Standard vs custom development – what’s the difference

What is Custom Development?

Custom development is the process of creating new software from scratch for a specific company, according to its tasks and requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf software, this approach ensures that every feature and function is developed from scratch, meeting the unique requirements of the business.
There are no pre-made templates, and everything is built to deliver a tailor made software solution that aligns perfectly with the company's operational needs. Usually, all large companies and corporations have personalized applications that remain confidential and available only to employees of that organization.

Comparing Standard Software and Custom Software

Now, let’s look at a detailed comparison of standard software and custom software. We have prepared a table comparing these two options by such parameters as target audience, scalability, cost and other parameters.
Comparing Standard Software and Custom Software
As you may have already realized, standard software is created according to a ready-made template and, therefore, costs less. Custom software development is done from scratch, and the development company actively communicates with the customer to make all their ideas a reality.

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When Should You Use Custom Software?

The decision to invest in custom software development can be the reason for a company's future progress. But how to understand whether a company needs such an application?
  • Unique Operational Requirements. Custom solutions are designed from the ground up to address these unique operational needs precisely.
  • Specialized Market Demands. For companies within specialized markets, having software that directly caters to their unique demands can provide a competitive advantage.
  • Future Growth Adaptation. For enterprises planning substantial growth or expecting to undergo significant operational changes, custom software is ideally suited.
  • Compliance with Regulations. Certain industries, like healthcare or finance, are governed by strict regulatory standards. Custom software can be tailored to ensure full compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential legal issues.
Actually, custom software development can be beneficial for a company from any field, including e-commerce, blockchain, banking and others. Partnering with a dedicated custom application development company like Red Rocket ensures that each software solution is not merely functional but a pivotal element of your strategic toolkit.


While standard software can be suitable for general needs, custom solutions bring a level of specificity and efficiency that standard options cannot match. At Red Rocket, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke software development that precisely fits your needs. This tailored approach ensures your investment in computer software is not just a cost but a driving force for your business's success.

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