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Top 5 Blockchain Platforms For dApp Development

Red Rocket team
Red Rocket teamJun 19, 20244 min read
The digital world moved forward when blockchain introduced Bitcoin in 2009. The blockchain era came after that, and the technology has been evolving even more. This evolution has led to a large number of competing, complementary platforms and tools for creating decentralized applications. We at Red Rocket have decided to take a closer look at the concept of decentralized applications and provide our readers with a blockchain platform list.
Top 5 Blockchain Platforms For dApp Development

What are dApps?

A decentralized application (dApp) is an application that uses blockchain technology to operate. They rely on distributed networks and datasets rather than a central server. Because dApps are built on decentralized blockchain technology, they have a higher level of security and trust than traditional applications.

How to choose the dApp development platform?

As you might have already realized, there are many platforms for dApps crypto development, but choosing one can be a difficult task for beginners. When choosing a blockchain platform for decentralized application development, it is important to consider a few key aspects.
  • Compatibility and scalability
  • Programming and documentation
  • Commissions and cost structure
  • Security and sustainability
  • Community and support
Compare several potential platforms based on these key factors. Below, we've compiled the top blockchain platforms that could be the core of your digital product.

Top 5 Platforms

We have compared blockchain platforms to help you decide on the best option.

1. EOS

EOS is a dApp development platform built with a focus on high performance and scalability.
  • Enables more transactions per second than traditional blockchain networks.
  • Provides powerful development tools.
  • Some centralized control due to limited number of validators.
Among the examples of applications on the EOS platform, there are many vivid options. For example, the social media platform **Voice **and the decentralized trading platform Newdex.

2. Ethereum

Let us introduce you to the most popular platform for developing decentralized applications in 2024 - Ethereum.
  • The platform has a huge community and a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries.
  • Allow you to write programs with full testing.
  • Due to the large number of dApps on the platform, small crashes may occur.
Many successful projects are built on Ethereum, such as the Uniswap crypto exchange, the NFT gathering and trading platform OpenSea, and the social media platform Minds.

3. Tron

Tron is also a very popular and demanded platform among decentralized application development companies. We have collected the main features of Tron:
  • Tron provides low fees.
  • Makes it possible to perform faster transactions on the network.
  • As with EOS, the limited number of validators may raise concerns about centralization.
Applications such as decentralized video platform DLive, gaming platform WINk, and many games and social applications run on Tron.

4. NEO

NEO is a well-known platform that utilizes smart contracts. The company aims to turn the world of economics upside down and convert all non-digital assets into digital assets.
  • It enables the creation and development of dApps.
  • It simplifies the management of digital assets on the network.
  • NEO supports multiple programming languages, including C# and Python.
NEO is the basis for projects in various fields, including the Nash platform for decentralized exchange and Red Pulse for financial market analysis.

5. Cosmos

Cosmos is a blockchain platform designed to create an interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Familiarize yourself with its main features:
  • Provides tools for creating customized blockchains and integrating them with other networks.
  • Expands the possibilities for dApp development.
  • It can be challenging for beginners to work with.
Cosmos includes projects in the financial sector, such as the steaking and lending platform Kava, as well as cross-blockchain communications projects, such as Osmosis.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of dApps are present?

Decentralized applications can be classified into different groups, but usually such software is divided into only two categories: web3 and native. Web3 development of a decentralized application implies the creation of a product that can be accessed by the user directly from the browser. Native applications, in turn, require installation on the device.

What is the cost of dApp development on different platforms?

The price of developing and operating a dApp depends on the platform chosen. For example, Ethereum charges fees for each transaction, which can be expensive for some applications. The EOS platform does not include fees at all for its users, and Tron charges small fees.

Which blockchain platform is best for scaling dApps?

The EOS and Tron platforms are suitable for scaling dApps. They use DPoS consensus, which provides high performance and allows many transactions per second.

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